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It all depends on who raises them. They could learn to embrace BOTH cultures if people weren't so intolerant and if parents took time out to spread their culture to the children. The problem isn't the inter-racial marriage but the society. If we're all humans, and can procreate, that means we were designed to continue the human race AS ONE. If two humans of two different races were the only two on earth, what would you have to do? It wouldn't be about your petty racial affiliations any longer.

It's not about race in America, it's about nation.

Further, America is not the only place full of different cultures. There's Canada, the UK, France, and other nations that are multi-racial and multi-cultural.

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They still have their own culture, even if they are not homogenous like Korea. Crusoe "Cultures, traditions and people must be protected in order to be carried on.

Why should traditions be protected and carried on? What is the purpose? If this was the case, why are you on a computer? Go back to living off of the land, the old-fashioned way.

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Just because something has been one way for centuries doesn't mean it should remain that way. Human sacrifice was a tradition in many lands. Want to go back to that?


Racism and slavery existed for centuries. There is no logic in this statement like you claim. For the survival of the human race, procreation is key. We all are ABLE to procreate with one another.

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Race can't bar that. If you were the only two on earth, no petty "cultures" and "traditions" would stand in the way of survival. It's no wonder Japan and Korea have a birth rate crisis.

They are some there with a limited perspective. But I keep running into Asian guys who find me unattractive because of my skin color.

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Its been making me very upset so far because, I love their culture and have been studying Japanese and Korean so I could visit their country one day. Im a hardcore otaku, a kdrama fan, and a lover of kpop, jpop, and jrock. I cant explain why im so attracted to asians, but i just am.

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Asian guys so far just dont like me.. I even ran into this Korean guy who kept calling me racial slurs, and saying that he was from the kkk and out for my family, and that I should die because I look like an ugly man. I was really depressed from that. Aside from that, about racisim- media ticks me off.

I havent seen a good show yet, where the black people arent loud, or obnoxious.. We are NOT all like that, just shown to be because of the few of us who act up. I personally, really want to have an interracial child and teach that child about both cultures, and languages of me and the father. Truthfully, I feel that if the world, opened their minds to study different culture Culture and language is an amazing thing, and more people just need to realize that a person is defined by who they are as an individual- not as a race.

It's fine for you to be attracted to whomever floats your boat. It is however, not fine to be self-deprecating because of that attraction. Perhaps you're not liked because they can sense the self-esteem you seem to be lacking. It's great to be attracted to Asian guys, but keep in mind that Kpop, jpop, and jrock is just as fake as the "ghetto" shows you see on your tv. You don't act like those women, right? But ironically, you indirectly expect all Asian men to live up to or be okay with that ideal. Perhaps these men sense that you may only be interested in Asian men BECAUSE of Kpop, jpop, or some drama and that you haven't personally met or gotten to know Asian people outside of their culture, just as individuals.

Many of these men may not even like Kpop or jpop. I know one Korean guy who hated Kpop so bad. He loved Indie music best and rock! You need to find people who have something in common with you and learn to love who you are as danielle said. Trust me, saying" I am not like the others, I am not loud ,rude and I listen to kpop jpop or watever" is a huuuge turn off!!

Don't bring your own race down to make yourself stand out.. This is just stupid! Who cares about your shade of black You could be "light skin"and extremly ugly.. Just start really take care of yourself and accept yourself I am black And proud: Don't be afraid to assume your roots your culture.

You will meet some openminded people with whom it could work, but with some others they could be not receptive.

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On my part i'm a black girl and VERY proud of that! Precisely i'm African and it's a bit amazing to see how much some people could be ignorants. I grew up in Africa Cameroon but we are very open minded there and really curious about the whole world. It's pitty when some people say "you're A georgeous African woman! I just want to say, shut up! Buy a flight ticket and go to see by yourself instead of saying stupid things. For the Korean girl who only date Korean guys!

It's your right and your opinion but iot sounds racist because it's up to the parents to educate their children with both precious cultures. First of all "we don't choose the person you fall in love" and i don't know if you're christian or boudhist or what else but "God create us as his image, without any notion of races!

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On my part i know that whoever i date African, american, asian or india, i will transmit my African culture to my kids. I will be very pleased to share my culture with my foreigner boyfriend or husband, and also to discover his. Amen to that sister.. I agree with you on this one. I am African Nigerian born and raised and my mom is very open minded about inter-racial dating.

I wouldn't worry about the number of times you were rebuffed TK. While black men frequently date outside of their race and have few if any issues with doing so, black women are often shamed by friends, family members and strange black men loudly and in public for doing the same. Issues of "loyalty" you sold out, diluting the blood, blah blah blah are often brought into the conversation ie. Beyonce and Alicia Keys are black Think back to the Cosby show. Just because a black woman has light skin doesn't mean she's biracial Have confidence in yourself and your charm!

I don't ask myself "will a Korean guy want me?


First off everyone is dancing around this question and I'm going to be frank with you! It doesn't matter what race a guy is, if you turn him on he will date you! Now, the key word is DATE or "hook up with" because if he was born and raised in Korea, he more than likely will marry a Korean girl because of family pressure. If you want to Marry a Korean guy your best bet is in the U.

Also, don't stress race so much, if you want a guy just because he's Korean, then thats a problem. Dont get so hung up on the outside appearance. If you want a Korean guy, be yourself thats it!

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It can't be denied that a lot of the attraction to Korean men may have been initiated by kdramas. One cannot help but be attracted to their sense of honor dedication,modesty,devotion and passion. One also cannot help but be drawn to the love triumphs in the end despite the adversity etc etc Especially when western tv is flooded with selfish desires and aspirations,careless love etc But to address the issue at hand you can never know their interest until you know.